Exerpt: The ad hoc team from the previous book has been collecting Imperial notables and bringing them before New Republic courts, but their latest mission tests their cohesion. Meanwhile, Admiral Rae Sloane and New Republic Chancellor Mon Mothma both wrestle with their respective politics.

A good sequel uses the built up characters from the previous book in new and interesting ways, and Wendig succeeds spectacularly in this regard. With the team already assembled, Wendig can throw the reader into a quick adventure on the first page without much explanation. There was also the character development that I felt the first book lacked. However, the action scenes were a little disappointing. Very often, Wendig would just say something encountered something else and then cut away to movement somewhere else in the story, coming back just as the good part ends. In particular, there was a 3V6 capital ship space battle that could have been so much cooler. The tone was altogether more serious, with more emotional vulnerability from the team and higher stakes for the galaxy. Don’t start this book expecting the nearly madcap style of the first, and I expect you’ll enjoy it.

Aftermath: Life Debt

Genre: Science Fiction, Star Wars
Series: Aftermath |

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