Excerpt: After the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, the Empire is in shock. A million of the Emperor’s finest are dead, and it’s becoming clear that the old ways aren’t enough anymore. The Empire needs something flexible, subtle, and small.

The Empire needs Inferno Squad.

Date: 6/13/2018

This book is likely the most complex Star Wars book in the new canon. It includes numerous missions with an action movie feel as well as deep and complex character development. However, I feel that one question was simply left untouched. It was never explained why Inferno Squad is loyal to the Empire, they just are. The book is engaging, but I find myself unable to take the cast of characters seriously if they mindlessly follow their programming without questioning the program. Each character was provided very compelling reasons to turn, but apparently the thought never crossed their minds.

I love this book and its adventure feel, but the shift in tone at the last minute was poorly handled. I understand that a lot needed to be left to the video game’s campaign, but a novel has space to examine what’s in a character’s mind even if there is never intent to act upon it. The briefest handling would have sufficed, and I don’t understand why Golden chose to ignore those points in the book.

Battlefront II. Inferno Squad

Genre: espionage, Science Fiction, Star Wars

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