Book Clubs

Mother/Daughter Book Club – Grades 8+. Meets the fourth Monday of the month.

  • September selection: Greetings from Nowhere  by Barbara O’Connor

Reader’s Guild – Grades 6-9. Meets the fourth Tuesday of the month.

  • September selection: Firegirl  by Tony Abbott


Miscellaneous Clubs

Animanga Club – Ages 12 and up. Fridays at 3:45pm.

Check the calendar to stay up to date on meetings and activities.

If you enjoy anime, manga, or are curious about Japanese culture, then drop in to see what this club is all about. Activities include the viewing of anime, lock-ins, and the ever favorite annual PockyPalooza.

Teen Art Club – Ages 12-18. Meets the second Thursday of the month.

Explore different styles of art with us. This is for teens of all skill levels that love art or are interested in art. Each month features a different style or theme.

Teen Writing Club – Ages 12-18. Meets the first Tuesday of the month.

Our brand new club! Bring samples of your work to be read, or simply engage in discussion on craft and storytelling. All genres and styles are welcome.

Tabletop – Ages 8+. Meets the first Saturday of the month.

Do you like to cast spells, solve mysteries, or build an empire? Come roll dice with us as we explore many different types of tabletop games, such as Betrayal at House on a Hill, Dungeons & Dragons, Takenoko, and Curses! Registration is required for tabletop roleplaying meetings, such as for Dungeons & Dragons. Keep an eye on the calendar for our featured games every month!



Teen Advisory Board – Ages 12-18. Meets the first Friday of the month.

Check the calendar for more accurate frequency of meetings.

If you are interested in books and the Library, then this Board is right for you. Join us for snacks and a casual conversation about this newly formed board.

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